Shebook Poem #3
Lovers In The Night

Constant patter-shuffle
Of leaves in the shadows
Sometimes louder overhead
As they strike the tarp
This is the Night Everlasting
When darkness and light will unite

Light that will not overwhelm
And batter our cells with
Radiation they cannot handle
But soft Light, coloured Light,
Glowing, gently shining
In spectrums fully visible to me/we

The leaves herald Magic
Watch them letting go
Flying into a destiny
Only leaves have known

Magic can be tragic
When choked in smoke and ash
When magic is a fire
Fed by burning trash
O you know Love is the heart
Between the shadow and the Light
Your sweet soul's fond delight
And no one knows love better
Than lovers in the night

No need to wake you up, my baby
I want to love you in your dreams
Rock you in my loins and caress you
In my cream
And flow you like a stream


O struck by the image of how
Intensely erotic it might be
To go to bed wide awake
    While sleeping lies he
Fair my Pea
    To stroke and lick and fondle
    And suck
And love him most freely
And he in his soft place
Can still softly be
No need for erections
Lest erections there be
But aah terror pictures
    Of how it might be
Are crashing breaking smashing
    Round the roots of my tree
Pictures of the gap and all its
    Sharp rending noises
Terrors of the demons who
Have eaten all my choices
And silence all my voices


While the Gods sat kindly by
    Bidding me to die
Inciting me to try
    And betting on their getting
What was left when
    Time went by
Laughing as I cried
    And grieving sadly grieving
As I finally died
Never getting why


Something I could say:

I want to touch you
    And stroke you and
Make love to you
    But I don't need you
To do anything
    Except relax and drift free
Don't want to go past you
Want to know if you
    Can receive
What I want to give freely
Say yes if you want me
And nothing if you don't
And I know that will mean no

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