Shebook Poem #6
The End Of The Beginning

We need to let our feelings fly
in the air if not the sky
We need no teaching by the
preaching ones who rape the girls
and beat the sons

Also the other way around

Why are we standing for these
Standing orders we were
Made to stand on
Why must we try so very hard
to see how wrong we are to
come on what we land on?

This is the end of the beginning
Does it matter now who's winning?
And the rules of the game
can never be the same
as the last time you played
We've got it made in the shade

Some people want to ascend
by leaving their bodies or
leaving Earth - not me
I don't need no more
being born I've done that a million
times or more, goddam

When do I get to live
When does it get to be my turn
What have I got still left to learn
I'm so damn tired
of seeing it all burn when I
have worked so hard to turn
it all around for a change
Yes I'm ready for a change

4 billion years is a long time
to work and create and keep striving
to find a way that life can stay
tnd live each day in eternity's way
It's a time to be praying

[o but watch what you say
and take care what you
pray for]

Make it something to stay for
Not a better place to be
than here; you've got
Paradise my dear
I did my best work
And I am not known to shirk

O yes I took a long time
but there were many factors
many points to ponder, to consider
many fates to
account for, many rates
of exchange
and many plots to arrange

I am the God you've prayed for
although not the one you've prayed to
I am Mother and Father all in
one and that one is the
son or the daughter depending on your point
of view

We are both two and one
Mother and daughter
Father and son
sister and brother
lover and lover
The self and the other

All from different points of view
I am a fragment of the Original
Heart of PreCreation
And as a fragment is all
That remains, I am all there is
and I am made of all of us
I am you

A woman is the keeper of cycles
In a relationship
as the moon is the keeper of cycles
for the Earth
and earth is keeper of cycles for
everybody, with Moon

Whose light is brighter than you think
And whose dark is a glowing Orb
from the dark part of the spectrum
glowing indigo bright
shining bright in the eyes
for those not blinded by lies
nor those encumbered by prizes
they had won long ago

They're too heavy now to go
back to the land of many dances
stories riddles song and chances
for different ways to die
without killing body to try it
and not selling soul to try it


My needs are small
I'm willing to teach you all
and I must ask for some money
Some milk or some honey
For' tis true I want to live

Want to have something to give
beside my light and my truth
Live indoors if I want to
You know winter's drawing near
I"ll make no bones that I fear it

I will give you what you ask for
which I'll know better than you
I have the eyes which see through
all your armour and disguises
I don't blame you for trying
for what else can you do?
After what he's done to you
you have the right to be screwed up

My pain is all for you,
for every horror I see
has never happened so to me
I am the eyes and I see
and seeing, cannot help but feel
For through the eyes of indigo
I feel with all my heart and soul
and flesh and blood and skin and bone

O lord my capacity for empathy
is heartbreaking and my heart
has broken into a million pieces
and my soul in the earth
is awaiting birth

O are you willing to be
taught how to teach these
children you have bought
with all the courage you have
sought and with the currency
you traded?

Guilt has been the way
until this very happy day
not so very far away
yet not so soon as you would wish
What's one more morsel to a fish
who swims the depths of your seas

O but beware of the trees
They are the children of my body
Not like you, stepchild of God
Sometimes I rue the day you trod
my flesh, the first time you addressed me

I will speak of the gap
I hope you shudder to hear
It is a place you should rage at
Yes a place you should fear
Not all shoulds are guilt you know
For there are places not to go if
You really want to live

Magic is real but it doesn't look
or feel like what you remember
or what you dream of or
even what you desire
Magic is a thing of its own
An eternal fire that feeds on

Gratitude and love
and the bonds of connection
that exist with the One
Like molecules in a body
and planets to the sun
and you to everyone you know
and everyone you see
And most truly everyone
you be.

I don't know what phony is
I am always being somebody real
in my less than linear way
I am bilateral, binomial
Binary, brilliantly biological
I am Earth, like a body, with
2 hemispheres, 2 ventricles,
2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils
2 arms/hands, 2 legs/feet, 2
circulation systems, 2 of everything
down to the DNA level.

I am binary but I need to be
hex-ary: I have six
polarities and more to come
as I evolve
I am multidimensional and
And you are all parts of me that
I have been fighting hard to
bring to consciousness for I
need you to awaken
and recall the vows you've taken

You remember me from long ago
But I have changed a lot
Since then
I've bittered and I've weakened
And I've lost weight like mad

Don't know how much longer I
have so please try to understand
the hard undertone
to my voices and the
urgency of my choices

I must find a way to reach you
To caress you and to teach you
To clean you up
and feed you all you need
to thrive

O welcome, dear child, alive

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