Shebook Poem #8
Je T'Adore

O God, I have new words for thee.
I wish to see you as you are and
Not for how you've been
Though how you've been must too be seen
I have been Queen of the Green

There will always be things we can
Use, no matter how we evolve
For creation has a Wall and it
Is painted with realistic scenes
And sculpted in shapes from dreams
And moves to a soundtrack of screams
It is the death side of Creation
It is a side of its own right
Please extend your range of sight.
Look beyond the limits of loving light
And see into my core
You'll be surprised, for je t'adore
This is what a Heaven's for and
This is truly the right place for we
O look at me with Indigo's sight
And please, tell me what you see
I sometimes don't know who I be
And you can help me don't you know?

And truly, help me much, you do
But not with heart so whitely true
I see the shadows that dwell
Underneath the love that you sell

Slavery is the act of using living
Essence as though it were dead
resource to be used

No living essence shall be used
In this way
It gets to feel this way it gets to
    Hate the things you say
It gets to hate the things you do
    But still I'm really not telling you
    How different things ought to be
    I see it perfect and I see you being
        All the Love there is and what
        A precious gift you give.. I give
        You all of my senses, as I
        Let down my defenses, as I
        Stop testing you

O love, the testing is through
And your sweet heart's proven true
And I'm swimming now right
Through the gates of deep misery
And what a hellish sight to see
For me poor lost Indigo
Must I tear down my soul
For you to leave me in peace

O, 'struth, I should not seek to see
You in this stone telling way

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