Shebook Poem #9
Two In One, One In Two

You have died so much you need to
Be born to live again
You have lied so much you are afraid
To know the truth
And the truth's afraid of you
Truth is more than the judgments about it
Truth is more than the absence
    Of judgments about it
Truth is a snake that entwines
Us every one mind to mind
And every one but the blind of heart
Will know my way is home.

Everything Christ was said to be,
We are.

I saw Jesus once at the
New moon in Cap conjunction
In Jan '93 - right on the uranus - neptune conjunction
And a line-up of several other planets
All squaring my sun and earth

He looked at me with eyes of liquid
Flowing down his cheeks
He sadly smiled as I berated him
For expecting me to take
Him into my heart as my
Blah blah cannot say
The words turn me gray
And leech the colour away from
My day.

Well he smiled so sad and longing
With a gesture of belonging he
Said "o no sister sweet I am
No savior to thee for I've been
There and that's not how I see
My healing mission to be
You must be the savior now
For my struggle is to get free
Of all the crosses I've been hung
On and the songs that have
Been sung to some wretched ghosts
From my past after about a
Million judgments have been
Passed over my identity and fate
But they all judged far too late
To have known me more than
Any ghost is known.

Their chances have been blown
I am so sick of this place
And with my Father's loving
Grace I will acquit myself
Disgrace or not, I seek a
Childhood that I've not e'er
Had for being first

I've acquired a soul-deep thirst
Of healing these wounds that
Afflict me so and I must go
Away and so you must the
Savior be."

And as he looked at me I
Felt a loving light vibration
Start to fill me from the heart
And stretch out all around
The world to unite the women
And girls and men who love them
And a change I can' t describe
Took place I think that was the
Night the new life finally was
Conceived in the world

And it's almost ready to be born
And I have bodies all prepared
Adults who can take care of them
Selves as far as feeeding and
Self-love and touch and play
And all the much connection with
My soil as can be.

And the child shall be born,
Two in One, One in Two
The balance needed has

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