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Healing Fragmentation
The Journey Toward Wholeness

The Body's Prayer
msb - 8/24/02

I have just released a part of my grief, my fear, my anger. My tears have remained a constant while my feelings have moved through me and out of me. My tears have become my guidepost, my assurance, and finally, bring me complete understanding that letting my feelings flow is the only real path to healing.

And so, surprisingly, I have Hope.

I know now that resolution is possible:
      *within my Self and all my parts
      *with all my brothers and sisters
      *with God and the Mother

And when I have momentarily finished crying grief, or crying rage, or crying fear, I bow my head and say my Body's Prayer. I ask that all the loving, healing powers of the Universe come into me and come to my aid.

Because there is hope......

In place of grief and sorrow
   let us have comfort and joy
      and let the Light come in.

In place of fear and terror
   let us have serenity and wisdom
      and let the Light come in.

In place of anger and rage
   let us have acceptance and peace
      and let the Light come in.

In place of rejection and pain
   let us have value and love
      and let the Light come in.

Let us have real and lasting
   resolution in all places
      so we are no longer alone,
         and let the Light come in.

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