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Personal Sharings / Healing Fragmentation

Fantasy Flashback
by Kathleen

Entwined in his warm strong arms, feeling his breath and his passion on her skin, she felt him to be connected through heart to her own heart that was now leaping for joy and sensation in her breast.

She relaxed in love and the pleasure of their sexual union. She knew he was her mate and it felt good.

Physical union with him always took her to the place of fulfilled orgasmic release and she let herself explode in the sheer bliss of harmony and connection to another body and soul, to him.

And in the moment of her orgasm he took a knife to her breast, ripping open her chest, exposing her heart.

Alive and in horror she is silent watching through petrified, disbelieving eyes, as he tears out her still beating heart and eats it in front of her, laughing all the while.

Her mind is blank, watching every nuance, every move of the fiend who was killing her.

Climax comes and he lets out an animal roar as he ejaculates into her almost dead body.

She is overwhelmed by the unexpected turn of events and as she feels her life rapidly ebbing away she decides to never let THAT happen again

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