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Personal Sharings / Healing Fragmentation

To All Mother Fragments...
MB - 1998

The most important thing about being the Mother is not how big you are (as in the biggest piece) but how clear you are of old pain.

A small piece of the Mother, one who has cried and uncovered her denial, is more powerful and able to do more good than the largest piece of all - who is not free of her denial.

And how do you know if your denial is completely uncovered?

Well, you wouldn't say things like I'm the biggest or the best or the most. Because you would know how connected you are to all the parts of the Mother, no matter how small or (seemingly) insignificant.

But more importantly, all Mother fragments are connected to the largest piece of the Mother on earth, the Mother's Body, who is still underground. We are her, we are still connected to her, we incarnated from her.

And since she wants to die, longs to die, and she is in collusion with and being used by the forces that want us dead, if we want to live we must help her and not spend any time wondering who is the best or the most or the biggest.

We must cry her pain and care for her or we will die with her. She is the Mother of Manifestation - our body!

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