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Many Paths
Links to Sites of Interest...
Updated 3/26/06.
Note: We do not necessarily agree with all the content found on these websites. Gems may be found. Discernment, as always, is the key. Read with salt shaker handy.

Abuse:   (See also: Cults)
* Healing Tools for Ritual Abuse Survivors
* Survivorship for survivors of ritualistic abuse, mind control & torture
* Child Abuse Survivor Resources
* Sanctuaries - many links to assist victims of violence and abuse
* Hope for Healing - for victims of rape, domestic violence and abuse
* Recognizing Patterns of Emotional Abuse

Addictions / Addiction Recovery:
* What Do People Feel Inside? - The Emotions of Families of Addictions and Trauma
* Dependency Answers
* U.S. Dept of Health on Addictions
* Drug Addiction Treatment
* Teens Health: Dealing with Addiction
* HabitSmart
* Applied Behavioral Health Care: Addictions
* The Dry Drunk Syndrome
* Growing Up In an Alcoholic Home
* Adult Children of Alcoholics - from Penn State Univ.
* Adult Children of Alcoholics - from
* Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous - Are you a sex / love addict? Questionairre.

Ancient / Lost Civilizations:
* Alternative History Directory - Tons of links to ancient civilation and alternative history sites
* Atlantis - Fact, Fiction or Exaggeration? - From The Active Mind website
* Lost Continents - Lost Tribes, Sunken Continents and Ancient Astronauts: Cult Archaeology and Creationism, Atlantis, Mu & Lemuria
* Atlantis, Lost Continent Found
* Edgar Cayce on Atlantis
* Atlantis - The Lost Continent - From Planetary Mysteries
* The Mystery of Mu and Lemuria
* The Lost Continent of Mu - "The Shadow of Mu"

* Shamanism - Working With Animal Spirit Guides
* Animal Communication - Telepathy with animals
* Animal Totems - Finding the healing power, spiritual teachings, messages and symbolic meaning of animal messengers

* A New Look at Astrology - Information with a Right Use of Will perspective, plus very insightful charts and readings available

Auras / Chakras:
* Auracolors
* Signs & Symptoms of Kundalini Awakening
* Mysteries of the Goddess, by El Collie - More awakening kundalini, relating to Goddess energy
* Chakras - Mind Body Interface
* How Open Are Your Chakras? - Fun online test
* The Body Chakras - Heartsong Center

Channeling / Channeled Material:
* New Heart - Dedicated to Healing the Relationship Between Spirit and Will
* Lady Kadjina Archives
* GodChannel
* Spiritual Connection
* Michael Articles & Channelings - Channeled by Shepherd Hoodwin
* Maitreya Channelings
* Crimson Circle / Tobias Materials
* The Council Minutes

* See: Emotional Healing

Cults, Brainwashing, Deprogramming:
* Associates in Education and Prevention in Pastoral Practice, Inc. (AEPPP) - Addresses the issue of sexual abuse by pastors and church leaders.
* How to Recognize The Serial Bully
* The Ross Institute for the Study of Destructive Cults, Controversial Groups and Movements
    Selected Articles:
    º Dealing With Manipulative People
- An Excerpt from the book: In Sheep's Clothing
    º Warning Signs - Not sure if you're witnessing cult activity? Check this list.
    º Brainwashing - a ton of good articles
    º Cult Education Forum
* FACTNet- Mind Control & Cults, Freedom of Mind News
  º FactNet's Discussion Forum
* Is Your Group a Cult? - Good article from SOS (Save Our Selves) includes signs to watch for.
Sites with information regarding specific cults and cult leaders
      º Exit & Support Network - Worldwide Church of God and its offshoots
    º From Victim to Survivor - Excellent article from a survivor of the Worldwide Church of God.
    º The Painful Truth - Another site exposing Herbert W. Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God.
    º Ex-Premie.Org - covering Prem Rawat and his work on the internet.
    º Prem Rawat Forum - forum for ex-premies

* Dolphins Research Institute
* Dolphins and Man..... Equals?
* Human/Dolphin Interactions
* Tursi's Dolphin Page
* Delphinus The dolphin in star mythology
* Dolphin Art Gallery
* David's Dolphin & Whale Watch - Dolphin pictures & photos
* Dolphin Photo Library - Dolphin photos are copyrighted, please write for permission to use
* Dolphin Society - Returning the Earth to Nature and Humanity to Godhood
* Dolphin Assisted Therapy - Assisting children with special needs

Emotional Healing / Right Use of Will (RUOW) - Articles, Information, Commentary, Websites
* Information About Co-counseling - Excellent article
* Crying Articles:
    º The Truth About Tears - from CRYING: The Mystery of Tears by William Frey
    º As Tears Go By- Another article examining tears based on Frey
    º The Animal That Weeps- by Silvia H. Cardoso, Ph.D and Renato M.E. Sabbatini, Ph.D.
    º Toxic tears: how crying keeps you healthy- by Charles Downey
    º Tears & DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder)
    º Healing Tears - Excellent channelled article
    º The Healing Power of Tears - by Paula Becker
    º Have a Good Cry - By Victor M. Parachin
* "Official" Right Use of Will Website
* Panjoyah's Healing & Dealing Blog
* Dr. Arthur Janov's Primal Center
* The Primal Psychotherapy Page
* New Heart - Channelings and memories, RUOW, Cherubim & Seraphim emphasis
* Healing Kiss - Journal-style study guide for RUOW and the GodChannel material.
* Spiritual Enlightenment A.S.A.P. - big emphasis on emotional healing.
* The Mother - Message from LadyNada, discusses the Mother of all Creation
* Article About Freedom & Free Will - From Rainbow Medicine Lodge site
* Michael On Right Use of Will - Channeled by Shepherd Hoodwin
* See Below...

* How to Buy RUOW books
* RUOW Series - Buy online through the Metaphysical Bookstore
* The Human Side of Human Beings, Harvey Jackens
* Cure By Crying, Thomas Stone
* CRYING: The Mystery of Tears, William Frey (Out of Print - Order Used)

* The Human Awareness Institute - Workshops on Love, Intimacy and Sexuality
* Primal Therapy Information
* Metaphysical Institute for Higher Learning

Fairies and Other Stuff:
* Very Faery Message Board Plus TONS of other faery stuff
* Lacefairy's Fairy Clipart
* Fairy Artwork
* Fairy & Other Magical / Fantasy Clipart from Spirit Online
* At the Edge: All About Fairies - Origins, mythology, folklore of fairies. Also, see Hollow Hills, Where Fairies Dwell?
* The Faery Hill
* The Fairies' Website - Great site for kids
* Fairies in the Garden - How to attract faeries to your garden and more
* Fae / Faery Magic - Lore, poems, spells, recipes for the faerie
* Faerie Central - Faeries here... from
* Elemental Magic / Earth Spirits - Interdimensional photography of nature spirits, devas, sylphs, etc.
* Dragons - And other creatures

* Public RUOW list - This is a large email list. To join, send email to, putting in the body this text:
   subscribe ruow

* D-Spa, Depression Board - an MSN group
* The "Right use of will" folks - a Tribe discussion group
* Emotional Movement - a Tribe discussion group
* Emotional Healing Forum - from
* The Heart Centre Forums - Emotions and New Age Topics, includes RUOW
* Right Use of Will Yahoo Group
* Primal Psychotherapy Message Board - from
* Primal Support Group - Yahoo group
* Forum for the Highly Sensitive Person, public forums based on books by Elaine Aron
* Lightworker Forum
* Women & Gender Related Email Lists
* Alcoholism and Addictions Help Forum - Support for alcohol, drugs, depression, eating disorders, bi-polar, and more
* Adult Children of Mentally Ill Parents Forum

The desire to be in a safe environment has prompted the formation of several small private lists with like-minded people gathering to help eachother heal. See the links here for ways to create your own email list. **See note at right**

* Delphi Forums - Create your own online forum.
* Yahoo Groups - Used to be eGroups. Allows you to create your own email list, with the option of public or private, listed or unlisted, and full owner control via administration web pages. The down side is list email arrives with ads embedded, but that's only mildly annoying.
* CoolList - Another place to create your own free email list.
* Topica - And another...
* Listserv: What Is It? - Good information for those who want to learn how to do it the listserv way.

Regarding email lists and forums - a word of advice for the tender hearted ... Tread carefully.

Do not pressure yourself, or allow others to pressure you, to stay in a hurtful situation. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel abused and hurt and helpless, process as much around the triggers as you can and then allow yourself to leave.

Guilt which says you must stay and take it, or stay to process... guilt which says you're avoiding triggers or in denial of something... or any other kind of pressure, is a way to get you to override yourself. It is one of the worst twists on emotional healing, and is a LIE.


Fun Stuff Online (Interactive, predictive, fun quizzes, etc.):
* Are You an INFJ? Take the Jung/Meyers-Briggs Personality Test
* Are You a Highly Sensitive Person?
* What is Your Mayan Galactic Signature? - See detailed results here:
* What is Your Psi-Q - Test Your Psychic ability
* Lightworker Pick-a-Card - Choose from Inner Child cards or Flower cards
* What Planet Do You Come From? - looks like our solar system only
* What Kind of Dragon Are You? - Fun online quiz
* What legendary creature are you? - Another fun online quiz
* How Open Are Your Chakras?
* What is your heart really made of?
* How Old is Your Inner Child?
* What is Your Elf Name?
* What is Your Hobbit Name?

Gods and Goddesses:
* Gods/Goddesses Links
* See also Mythology Links

Gospels (Coptic, Gnostic) / Ancient Texts / Non-Canonical Writings:
* Gospel of the Nazirines
* Gospel of the Nazirines / Gospel of the Holy Twelve - Also known as The Gospel Of Perfect Life. Translated From The Original Aramaic.
* The Nag Hammadi Library - From the Gnostic Society Library
* The Thunder, Perfect Mind - From the Diotima Study of Women & Gender in the Ancient World
* Descent of The Holy Sophia - Gnostic meditation
* Gospel of Thomas
* MotherGod / Mother Spirit of Various Ancient Texts

Mary Magdalene:
* Gospel of Mary
* Gospel of Mary
* - Celebrating the Mysteries of the Woman Who Knew The All
* Mary Magdalene - Wild Woman of the Bible - An essay by Donna Bucar
* The "Little Mermaid" and the Archetype of the Lost "Bride." - by Margaret Starbird© 1999

Miscellaneous Stuff
* Arthurian Legends
* Cosmic Links - Yahoo Group: "A Virtual Library of Unusual, Informative, and Interesting Sites"
* The Strange & Unusual File Archive - "A large cluttered attic full of god knows what" from Beyond the Illusion. Truly amazing.
* The Druid Grove - The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids
* Edgar Cayce - Association for Research and Enlightenment
* Mysteries Megasite - TONS of links
* MYSTIC GATEWAY - holistic oriented links
* Paranormal / Metaphysical Links & Info - links are far down on page

Alien Cargo - Weird and wonderful animated gifs that "come from Elsewhere, to help us all out".

* The Assyro-Babylonian Mythology FAQ
* Sumerian Mythology FAQ
* Encyclopedia Mythica - lots of info, includes an image gallery
* Mythology Notes - very comprehensive
* Mythography - Greek, Roman & Celtic Mythology & Art. Includes forums!
* Ancient Civilizations, Mysteries, Myths - Focus on artwork, but also has myths and stories, gods & goddesses, Arthurian legend, Stonehenge, ancient magic, beliefs and prophecies
* MYTH*ING LINKS - An Annotated & Illustrated Collection of Worldwide Links to Mythologies, Fairy Tales & Folklore, Sacred Arts & Sacred Traditions
* The Book of Gods, Goddesses, Heroes and Characters of Mythology
* Folklore & Mythology Electronic Texts
* See also Gods & Goddesses Links
* 3rd Stone Archaeology, Folklore & Myths

Origins & Related Topics: - Sumerian Texts, Annunaki, Gold, Holy Grail, Merkabbahs, & the Incunabula
* Reluctant Messenger - Genesis dismantled... evolution vs. creation
* Sapiens Rising / Breaking the Godspell - Neil Freer, genetic creation, Nefilim, Annunaki, etc.
* Where We Come From - Zecharia Sitchin
* The Way, DOMA (Daughters of Ma)
* Gnostic Mythos Compare this version to the DOMA version.
* Dan Winter Articles
* Human Origins
* The Search for Planet X
* The Dark Star Theory

Right Use of Will (RUOW)
* See: Emotional Healing