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How Can I Know What's True?
Learning to Trust Your Perceptions

We should not pretend to understand the world only by the intellect. The judgement of the intellect is only part of the truth. ~ Carl Jung

There's no doubt the power of the mind is great, however ... it's not enough. The power of the mind alone cannot keep you alive and discern the truth of all things, because it is perceiving only half the picture.

Mind/spirit is not meant to be the sole discernment faculty. Mind can bring logic and words and clarity and definition to a situation, but it requires another faculty, one long neglected and suppressed, to be able to know truth from falsehood. This is the power of your soul which contains all your emotional vibration.

For so long we have tried to function in the world using only our Mind as compass. We have been told that our feelings are untrustworthy. We have been told that our Mind/Spirit is the only way to truly KNOW the truth about the world around us. Taken to the furthest extreme, many of us have come to believe that only the things we can see with our eyes, hear with our ears, etc., can be trusted. But the things that are perceived with the body's senses are extremely limited.

We have been told that to truly KNOW, we must connect/reconnect with our High Self, and thence to Source/God.

What all previous teachers have failed to tell us, perhaps because they fail to understand it themselves, is that perceptions from the mind/spirit, High Self included, are equally limited. The mind in our human bodies can be fooled. High Self is equally unbalanced. Even the Angelic realms are polarized to only one half of the picture.

This is plainly evident in the New Age and channelled "ET" material. Although the perspective from "out there" or "above" is undoubtedly a bigger view than the one we have "down here", it's still incomplete, and the advice "they" give is almost completely useless to the lost soul essence that is barely alive on this planet. From "out there" they think they know what is best for this planet (pardon them, Mother, they know not what they do), and what is best to help us poor humans heal and overcome our so-called limitations.

Again, these books and channelings offer some good information. But what is difficult is separating out the good information, the techniques that are helpful, from the garbage.

How to know what is true...
Only by reconnecting to our soul can we find a true wealth of perception. Only by reconnecting to our feeling self, our Will, our Soul, can we reap the benefits of the knowing that comes from a place of pure feeling.

Through the power of the soul it is possible to know truth from lie in an instant. By feeling with your delicate sensitivities which are built in to your soul you can instantly tell what another person is feeling, what their intent is, regardless of what they say or how they act.

In a healed state, the Soul carries huge power. Why else would so many entities "out there" be interested in dominating and using the beings that live here? Possession of these huge resources is what's on everybody's mind. Well, they can't have us. Unless they approach with ears wide open and mouths shut, ready to hear the plight and story and pain of the Soul, unless they stop TELLING and start LISTENING and ACCEPTING, they will find themselves without their own Soul essence. Forever.

The ability to discern through feeling is just one of the Soul's powers. It is the most creative part of us. Our left-brain, logical mind can reason and use words, and understand things in a linear fashion. But only the emotional side, the feminine/right-brain/soul, has the ability to create and imagine and infuse those images with desire and joy. It is the ability to infuse images with desire that brings them to fruition, causes them to become realities. The feminine essence can create our desires in the blink of an eye, she brings intuition, global vision, and spherical thinking

However, the soul has been damaged by the spirit, by mind's judgments and hatred, which has brought about the near annihilation of the feminine side of life in the universe. Through repeated pain and death, emotional essence has become badly fragmented and damaged until she is almost not vibrating any longer.

Essence that should be vibrating delicately
like fragile flowery petals floating under water,
picking up traces of feelings from all around,
is barely breathing,
living in fear,
unable to open and feel.

Because this faculty has been so damaged it is now necessary to spend enormous amounts of concentration on healing it so that it can function in our lives as it was meant to.

Often hidden and barricaded behind thick walls of stone or ice, it cannot do the job it was meant to do by it's very living. And in this damaged state, it has become the demon Mind fears it to be. Rage, unexpressed and judged, acts out in hateful and hurtful ways. Terror, unexpressed, becomes rampant paranoia in which we can no longer tell what is real danger and what is not. The soul has become small and broken and easily confused, easily swayed and used by other energies. She cannot discern truth from lie any longer, she is filled to the brim and overflowing with pain.

Separated from and hated by her lover, soul longs for death.

Because of these long millenia of hatred, judgment and damage, we are now badly out of balance, and crippled to boot. This is largely a planet of lost, fragmented souls. And we have been used and manipulated by "alien energies", dominated, fooled, tricked, sucked dry and abandoned when soul energy has been used up. Both mind and emotion, in their isolated and fragmented state, can be fooled and manipulated.

In order to take back our power and regain our ability to discern truth from lie, loving intent from harmful intent, we need to find balance between the mind and emotion, reconnect them so that our understanding contains both perception AND discernment, both spirit and soul.

We have a lot of healing to do. And it can't be accomplished by just giving lip service to it or the occasional 2 minute cry.

Ungrounded Mind
If you have been used to living high up in your mind, you may find it a difficult thing to loosen mind's hold on the reigns. It's not uncommon to become so out of balance that you live day to day in a world built entirely of rigid constructs, clinging to beliefs and structures that mind says are real and necessary, but in truth can be both binding and ungrounded. Living from this place can feel very ... well ... heady. It can be an exhilarating experience to feel yourself in "flights of fancy", doing elaborate mental gymnastics, sorting through information, cataloging, categorizing, feeling that finally you KNOW something.

The danger in this state is that it is disconnected entirely from the soul, and feeling itself to be free of the weights and chains of pain, it flies away and loses track of what is real. What at first may seem like a soaring adventure, will soon become a dizzying tailspin, a flight out of control, a nightmare of the mind in which you find yourself wandering through mazes with ever changing walls.

As this ungrounded state builds, Mind will fight harder and harder to understand by using logic and building constructs and systems to explain what it experiences. It will twist the beams and bend the walls, attempting to make its constructs fit and explain the experience. But this will only succeed in creating more and more confusing walls to the maze. As fear mounts in the Mind at its inability to sort through the confusion, mind usually blames the soul and the emotions, and tries to go farther away from them.

The spirit must be brought to understand that it needs the soul. The mind needs the emotions. Without gravity, things go flying off into space. Without grounding, mental constructs have no solidity, no ability to truly know what is real.

And the soul needs the mind. It needs the acceptance and light and clarity mind brings. Balance will lead us out of the darkness.

Your reason and passion are the rudder and the sails of the seafaring soul.
When ruling alone, reason is a force confining;
and passion unattended is a flame that burns to its own destruction. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Learning to Discern
Until we have our past pains entirely healed, until we regain the balance between yin and yang, spirit and soul, mind and emotions, our detection abilities are hampered. Learning to discern truth from lie will be an ongoing process.

1. Delve deeply into your own emotions. The more you know your own feelings, the greater your ability to sense and feel what others are feeling. And the more of your own pain you have healed, the greater clarity you will have.

2. Develop boundaries. At first it will be difficult to discern your own feelings from the feelings of others. The trick here is to be able to sense what others are feeling without your own feelings getting in the way, clouding the lense of your camera and distorting the picture. Boundaries allow you to keep your own essence intact (inside), and your perceptions of others will be clearer. Again, this is an ongoing process of learning what feelings are yours and what aren't. Feelings inside you that do not belong to you can be gently given back to the person (if you know who they belong to) or given to God to take care of.

3. Develop your Core. As we heal our fragmented souls, more and more essence comes home and becomes incorporated into our Core Self. This is the place where truth rings loud and clear. It is the place of balance where mind and emotions live together in loving harmony. The Core Self cannot be forced, or developed with the mind. It can only be gained by the slow, painstaking process of healing all lost essence, of becoming whole, which is the emphasis of this site. There is no other goal worth spending time on.

4. Practice. Sit quietly, let your entire body relax, take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Feel yourself opening, feel your petals unfurling outward from your heart. Delicate tendrils extend from your heart with loving intent toward the person you want to "feel". Do not invade, merely watch and feel. Try to keep your mind quietly in listening mode. This is not a mental exercise. The whole point of this is to move your point of consciousness into your feelings, into the most sensitive part of you, where you can sense a whole world of nuances. At first this might be difficult. When you move your point of consciousness to your feeling center, the first thing you'll find is your own pain. You may need to have plenty of good cries before you are comfortable sitting for long periods in this place.

Notice also how your body feels, how it responds when you hear something false. Or something true. Have you ever experienced the sensation of a bell ringing and vibrating in your belly? Or something like a solid popping sound right behind your eyes? There are many sensations that body gives that can let us know what is really going on. The body and the soul work together frequently, sensing things below the level of our conscious awareness. Body and soul can sense when a person's words are not in accordance with their true intent. There is a jarring sensation that travels to us on a wave that body and soul receive and respond to while mind is still listening to the linear flow of words. If you can pay attention to body at these moments, you will find sensitive places where body is letting you know that something is "off".

5. Check your perceptions. This is not always possible, of course. And it's usually made more difficult by how little most people know about what they're really feeling. We are all so accustomed to feeling one thing and saying another, or just not admitting to the feelings, even to ourselves, that what you sense may not be something the other person can confirm. But it's worth it to try. It's best to start with feelings that the person wouldn't feel ashamed to admit. :) And if given with loving intent, this kind of sharing can build a bond between you. But if the other person is not open to this sharing from you it can also be very harmful. If you touch a very raw nerve, you might find yourself faced with a swift blaming rage attack. Again, loving intent is the key.

6. Build trust in your feelings. Over time a trusting relationship will be built between spirit and soul. There has been a long history of distrust between the two, distrust on both sides. Soul has not wanted to open to feel or share what she feels for fear of punishment and rejection. And Spirit has not wanted to hear or know what Soul has had to say, especially once the pain started to pile up and become distorted in his view. Mind must understand that its own resistance to feeling the pain is part of soul's problem.

For instance, you encounter a situation that feels bad to you. You may feel angry or hurt or victimized and want to leave the situation. Is your desire to leave coming from your mind that doesn't want to have all those painful emotions? Or is it coming from your Soul which is doing its job and telling you that this is a bad situation that is not right for you? If you take each situation as an opportunity to cry the pain that surfaces, little by little you will strip away the confusion of all your backlog, and the messages that your Soul sends to you about each situation will be clear, strong, and trustworthy.

In a healed state, the Soul has great power. What would life be without JOY and DESIRE and most of all... LOVE? These are feelings, not mental constructs. You cannot suppress one part of the Soul and expect the rest to live and thrive. Rage must be accepted and allowed to cry in order for love to be able to flow and nurture.

"The intuition is always correct. There are no limits to its power even ultimately to attain the greatest heights of the intellect via the right brain." -- Noel Huntley, The Real Reason Why Women Have Been Oppressed

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