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    * Reclaiming Our Divinity
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    * The Problem
    * How Can We Fix It?
    * The Temporary Dance
    * The Future Dance


For most people emotional healing starts with a desire to merely be free of pain. For many of us that's as far as we can get. Just let the pain stop, please!   

But beyond stopping the pain is a deeper desire, and a deeper motivation, a stronger reason to commit to emotional healing.

We desire to reclaim our birthright.
We desire to reclaim our divinity.
We DESIRE to create.

At our deepest core we want, not just the ability to make new decisions and have true freedom of response, but the ability - the power - to create our reality anew, moment by moment, based on how we feel, and not on eons of frozen judgments and backlogged emotion.


The Dynamic Heart
Within each of us is powerful machinery. (I say machinery, although this energy is not mechanical. But this imagery will work for the moment.) This machinery listens to our every feeling, every thought, and has the power to outpicture every image, every desire. It magnetizes our world, drawing to us things and people and situations. It creates new forms out of the ether and dust, it has the power to generate virtually anything we can imagine.

Why then, is every day a struggle to survive? Why is life a moment by moment ever-striving to earn the precious dollar to buy the precious fuel to feed our faces and have a roof over our heads?

What goes wrong with the machinery, that we are outpicturing such limiting, compressed, victim-filled realities?

The good news is, the machinery is working fine. There's nothing wrong with the machinery. It is doing its job. It is simply acting on what is being fed into it. It responds to thoughts and images and strong feelings by producing a magnetic field, a thought form, a reality. It draws things into reality and holds them there, based on the strength of the emotion involved. And that's all it does. That is its only job, and it does that job non-stop, 24 hours a day. It doesn't judge whether the thoughts and images and feelings are good or bad, it doesn't judge whether the reality it is producing is good or bad. It simply reproduces, on a large scale, what is being fed into it by our spirit (mind) and soul (emotions).

The problem is not that the machinery is doing a bad job. The problem is we have not understood how the machinery works. We have consistently tried to reprogram the machinery as if it were a computer that could just be told what we want. We have used positive thinking, affirmations, meditations, rituals, formal judgment release, goal setting, etc., etc. - in other words, we have been using primarily mental tools on a primarily emotional system - without taking into account HOW THE MACHINERY WORKS, or what other sources of input the machinery might be receiving behind our conscious awareness.

Even those who have discovered that the machinery responds better to imaging and sound and feeling have tried to reprogram it from a primarily mental place, resisting the knowledge that the TRUE go-juice is emotion.


Emotional GO-Juice

Creative power isn't a function of the mind. It isn't a function of the spirit. True creative POWER comes from the Will, the Soul, the Emotional Body.

Within the realm of the soul is the creative juice and magnetic power to draw your reality together inch by inch, cell by cell, and hold it together as long as your desire gives it fuel. It is the emotion, the strong desires and imagery, that is the true creative go-juice.

The mind can give structure and deliniation to our creations. Mind can drive the car. But it is the soul that provides the gas, that feeds the furnace of our creative machinery and gives the emotional fuel needed to really get things happening. The mind has been given sole credit for this creative ability. But when the visions of the mind fail to produce any lasting change in our reality, where do we begin to look for answers?

What is going wrong?


The mind has not understood the true creative power of the emotions, and has not wanted to share the seat of power. In the past, mind has blamed the emotions for its failure to hold together the reality it wanted, as if the emotions were working against mind's attempts to create. Mind has believed the emotions were a "lower" vibration and needed to be molded or disciplined into submission. Mind has consistently tried to suppress the power of desire that should be flowing from body through the soul like a living flame.

Unfortunately, one cannot force emotions into submission. There is great power there, even in a state of denial, even heavily judged and cast out, and that power cannot be ignored. Mind must step down now, mind must realize that its role in creating our reality is as participant and assistant, not as tyrant or ruler.

Misunderstandings about how the machinery works, and about the nature of emotions themselves, have worked to keep us in chains for long enough. Changing these wrong beliefs and healing ourselves enough to truly begin the Divine Dance is the task we are given now in the times to come.

We have been blind to the enormous amount of emotional backlog that the soul holds that needs healing. Think about how much pain is accumulated in a single lifetime. All that pain -- judged, suppressed, unexpressed, unaccepted, shoved aside, shoved OUT -- has not really gone anywhere. It is attached to us by a silver rubber band, and it feeds the machinery of our Dynamic Heart whether we are conscious of it or not, whether we want it to or not. We cannot just "get rid" of all this backlog of emotion. The farther away we think we are from our pain, the harder the backlog will hit us when the rubber band finally snaps back.

THAT is what is being fed into our machinery, without our conscious knowledge, day after day, 24-7. THAT is what is creating our current reality.

Without the understanding that this backlog can be healed, and how it can be healed, mind concluded wrongly that the emotions were unhealable little tyrants, refusing to "get with the program", and working devilishly to subvert mind's creations.

Listen up, mind! Emotions can heal! They are not the demons you have believed for so long. But you must let go of your judgments and assumptions. Emotions do not work like the mind does. What emotions need to do to heal is completely different from mind. And mind cannot dictate this, or change it, or make it be any different just by wanting it to be so. It's time for this enforced slavery of the emotions to end.

The greatest misunderstandings of this creative process stem from the dislike, blame, and even hatred, the mind has for the emotional side of the universe.

If we want to reclaim our power and be able to create the reality we really want, we must commit to healing our emotional body, to reclaiming all our lost essence. We must respect the power of the Soul, and the rights of the emotions to heal the way they were meant to. We must lift the restrictions and judgments that have lain so heavy on the emotions for so long. We must bring spirit and soul back into balance.

Added to these misunderstandings, and making our situation MUCH worse, is that a great majority of us have forgotten or denied that we have a Dynamic Heart at all. We sink into perpetual victimhood, believing that we are powerless in our own lives - a belief that is constantly reinforced by living under the web of lies and lifetime after lifetime of being victimized by those who want to harvest and use the power of this creative, magnetic energy.

The essence we don't have with us, the emotional essence we have denied (or suppressed or cast out) is being used as food and fuel for the Gamers and Sharks. And the empty places within us where the missing essence should be is an opening for the Gamers to fill with lies. They use our soul and give us false feelings in place of our own missing essence. Likewise, they fill in gaps in our minds and provide us with a false consciousness that is tyrant and critical mind.

This means that all of us are living confused and blind, believing in a reality created by our own denied pain, made more confused and complicated by lies and manipulations fed into our machinery by the Gamers.

How can we remove the confusion and the lies and reclaim our ability to create our own reality?


We can make changes to our reality on a temporary basis by diligent use of the mental tools. I have seen them work, I know it's true. Goal setting and positive affirmations will work, on a limited basis. Don't be fooled, however, by small gains. Don't be fooled into thinking that's all there is to it. After a period of time, your reality will revert back to whatever is being held in your sub/unconscious, within the deep pools of hidden, buried, long-ignored and forgotten painful emotions.

The Temporary Dance

A word is a powerful thing. It can carry and empower the juice of the emotion, or it can limit and suppress and judge. Be careful what words you use, be careful how you contain and limit yourself by your words. Our minds have become accustomed to dominating our feelings. We constantly define our emotional reality with judgmental words, instead of listening with our mind/spirit to what the soul/emotions have to say. We are badly out of balance, as a planet.

Those who would keep us in a state of slavery don't want us to remember our own creative machinery. They certainly don't want us to begin to heal our emotional bodies, or reclaim lost essence that they are feeding on!

But that is the path to our own freedom. And thankfully, it is within our power, now, today. It's not magic, and it doesn't require great wisdom. You don't have to read all the books ever written, or learn complicated techniques. You don't have to pay enormous amounts of money to a guru or therapist. Even the smallest, most beaten down, most helpless and victimized essence can cry. Even the most mental, in-denial, terrified-of-pain essence can cry. The ability to heal ourselves is within our bodies. We are born with it, by some great miraculous gift. If every adult could tap into what their body knew as an infant, the planetary healing would be swift and magical.

This is your mission, should you choose to accept it. To find and heal every ounce of yourself, to bring acceptance to each and every hidden or lost part, allow each and every part to cry and remember and ... to bring your Spirit and Soul into balance. To reclaim your power to create your own reality.

For a period of time it will be necessary to learn to do the dance between soul and spirit with emphasis and focus on healing the soul. That doesn't mean spirit or mind should be neglected. Balance is the key. But for periods of time, we will need to swim deeply in the oceans of emotion and allow them to speak and cry all that they have been holding.

The dance, for today, might look something like this:

1) Want Something. There is something you want. Something you want to have or do or be. It may be something small, or something large. The important thing is that you WANT it. There is desire or need.

2) Picture yourself having/doing the thing you want. Imagine it as if it were real, now, today. Bring to this image all the desire you feel for it, and let yourself imagine the joy not only of having this thing, but of being able to manifest it.

3) Feel whatever you feel. This won't be easy. The natural result of the mind picturing something good, something that is desired, will be to "trigger" all the things in the basement that are contrary to this image or desire.

You may feel
   unworthy of having it
   enraged at or jealous of others who have it
   despairing of ever being able to have it
   afraid of having it
   afraid of being punished for wanting it
   afraid of being punished for trying to get it

You get the idea. Whatever feelings surface as a result of your imaginings, let them surface. DO NOT TRY TO CORRECT THEM OR CHANGE THEM. Let the feelings express as deeply and as thoroughly as you can. This may take some time. It may need to be done in bits and spurts, in baby steps. And that's perfectly alright.

You may find that you can cry through a layer of pain and then you reach a plateau where you feel unable to dig deeper. This may be time to pull some of the tools for overcoming resistance out of your hat, or perhaps it's time to try another mental tool.

4) Release Jugdments. Perhaps you find that one of the things keeping you in place is a belief. You may need to spend some time concentrating on the judgments at this point. Formal judgment release may be simply an affirmation that goes contrary to the belief you're holding. For instance, a belief that you are unworthy can be countered by affirming, "I AM worthy, I deserve abundance (power, love, etc. etc.)".

5) Feel What You Feel. Once again, doing this task will trigger old pain. Let the feelings surface, whatever they are, without stoppering or judging or questioning. Let yourself cry deeply as much as you can.

6) Re-evaluate Your Desire / Reality. Once you've moved a big chunk of old pain, your soul has new openings and softenings, and frozen places become warm and alive again. You may find NEW desires awakening. The thing you desired at the start of the Dance may not seem so desireable anymore. You may find yourself abandoning one project and moving on to a new goal. This is an integral part of the dance!

The truth is, we can't know fully what we desire until we have all of our parts back with us, unfrozen and healed. So for the time being, this process will be one of ... activating desire with the purpose of triggering old stuff, letting the old stuff cry through to full healing, and then activating more/new desire, getting triggered, releasing the judgments in the way, trying again, pushing forward, never giving up, but always always always the focus is to find all the hidden and dark places where pain is trapped or forgotten or frozen. Bring it all to healing and light. And THEN we can really know what we really want. THEN the real dance can begin.


The Dance of Spirit and Soul

Our Creative Heart is meant to manifest the result of the dance between our mind and our emotions. This dance was meant to be a balanced back-and-forth dance of love and respect, each side giving of its talents and essence, and feeding equally into the little-God machinery that we ARE... creating forms and realities of our own making.

Since this dance has never been performed properly or with balance, it's impossible to predict what we are capable of. Until we fully heal our emotional body and bring our Spirit and Will into balance, we can only get a glimpse of the possibilities.

Think of it...

The Soul feels a nameless, formless desire, a wanting without a name. It aches within her, a hunger. The Spirit feels her desire, responds to her, listens to her. She reveals all her feelings to him, expressing and showing him images of her innermost self.

Spirit responds with love, embracing and surging with her, filling all her nooks and crannies with light and helping her to help him to understand. He gives words to her formless aching. The nameless thing now has a name, a word. It exists in linear space and time, within a container of light.

With a name given to her Desire, if it pleases her, the Soul surges forth and fills the form with more emotion, more desire. Her golden light and his white light combine, form and structure filled with strong emotion and brilliant colorful imagery are fed into the creative manifestation machinery.... and something new comes into being.

Without the structure and light, creations are produced that are chaotic, hard to understand, hard to see, slow moving and dark. Without the emotion and desire, creations are produced that are rigid, colorless, without life or fire, creations that form and then fall apart, without the magnetic energy needed to hold them together.

Both Spirit and Soul are needed in this glorious dance. It is the creative dance of the Great Joining, and it is an altogether divine thing.

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