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Tool #5: Imaging

by JA

Hold an image...
   Of an action being taken ... an action that one LONGS to take

   Of words being said, expressions on a face, body movements that indicate a position, an understanding, a quality possessed

   Of a way of being treated, thought of, responded to

   Of a feeling being felt and expressed ... of having that feeling experienced and received by another ... and known and accepted

   Of a change ... a transformation... a change of position or judgment ... a growth, a learning, a letting go, an attaining, an understanding, a sharing, a forgiving, a vindication, a realization, a receiving, a reconciliation

   Of a quality of being - a beauty, a realness, a strength, an independence, a confidence, an integrity

This image ... seen by the inner (or outer eye), taken in by the mind, experienced by the feelings, allowed into the subconscious where it works over and over and over, to help re-create or bring forth from an "ancient seed of Being" the memory of that Self that we all are - Divine.

Imaging ...
causes restlessness
brings up fear and longing
demands space for acceptance
and requires that one release emotions;

but also...
stimulates creativity
inspires excellence, and
motivates change;

but mostly ...
adds to the individuals' consciousness in such a profound way
that BECOMING is a reality
that change is inevitable
mountains move
and new life is breathed into our very cells.

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