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THE SECRET BATTLE: The Tools: Tool #4 -- Affirm a New Reality
The Importance of Now

A vision without a plan is just a dream.
A plan without a vision is just drudgery.
But a vision with a plan can change the world.

The Soul and the Dynamic Heart do not live in linear time the way our Spirit/mind does. We cannot set a goal for the "future". The Dynamic Heart does not understand "future".

The mechanisms that work to create our reality are somewhat literal. If we try to imagine a new reality always as if it's down the road, or somewhere in the future, then that is exactly where our desire will manifest - always out of reach, always down the road. We need to state the goal in words that tell our dynamic heart that this is happening now. "I AM", not "I will be".

And when we imagine the goal accomplished, we need to imagine it as a reality we are in right now. This will send messages through pathways in the body that stir our creative juices and begin the process of creating this reality here and now.

Remember we are AFFIRMING - making firm - a new template. This template will become our new reality.

But ... just like building a house, you don't move in while the framework is still going up.

As we work toward a goal, it is important not to lose track of the current reality. It's like taking a step. You reach out with one foot, but you leave one foot on the ground. If you try to lift both feet at once, you'll most likely fall.

That's not to say it's impossible to jump from one reality into another. But given how much we have to heal, how much we have HIDDEN in our backlog, it's a risky thing to assume that you have enough of yourself healed to be able to make the jump and land on both feet squarely in a new reality, to know for sure that the ground beneath you is solid, and without leaving part of yourself behind. For most of us, it's wiser to take one step at a time.

That means: Strive for your desire, but take care of the present as well. Pay bills. Work at the mundane job, while you build your new reality from the foundation up. Live within the constraints of the "system", until you have dealt with enough of your own pain to be able to truly take that next step and live in that new reality with both feet.

People who try to live entirely in a new reality, without dealing with all the underlying emotional blockages, will find themselves constantly in a state of want, or failure, or facing more problems than they had in the first place. You cannot abandon the old reality, without first building the foundation for the new. Some will say that we should live as if the new reality were already real, live as an act of faith, and that it's a betrayal to our beliefs if we continue to live in the "old way". The potential for crashing and burning here is great, so frankly, it has seemed like this is another lie told by the enemy to pull us forward before we're ready.

Living in the now is not an act of betrayal. It is true understanding, to admit that this is a PROCESS.

Living in The True Present

Live Today.
Today, this moment, is spent feeling what I really feel
and doing what is given to do
without thought or consideration for the end result
or the "shoulds"
or for tomorrow...

While at the same time,
holding a continuous knowing of the certainty of glorious fulfillment of all possibilities and promises the mind conceives of,
the soul feels, the body desires
and the heart brings love to
without concern as to "when"
or "how"
or "who"
Just a certainty, a belief and assurance...
that what is desired
is SO.

Thank you Mothergod, thank you Fathergod.

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