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THE SECRET BATTLE: The Tools: Tool #3 - Changing Our Beliefs
The Power of Desire

Don't be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so.
~ Belva Davis

Allow Yourself to WANT
Allow Yourself to WANT
Allow Yourself to WANT

This is the place where body and soul align and participate together.

Our bodies hold secret power. This is the power of desire.

Desire can mean many things. Sexual desire is just one of the ways this power manifests itself. It can also be seen in all the ways we create, from large to small -- in great works of art, a delicious meal cooked with love, a winding stone pathway through a forest of flowers, and man's striving for the stars. I am speaking here of the fire-desire to do and create, as well as have and be. This is the creative spark, the fire of the kundalini, the furnace that burns in the stars.

For millenium attempts have been made to quench this fire. Most religions have rules and restrictions intended purely to control the power that springs from the root chakra.

And there are good reasons to be careful with this power. However, desire has been judged has a bad thing for so long that most of the world now exists in a state of non-life. We go from day to day, moving through our lives, trying to believe they are real and meaningful and fulfilling, working our mundane jobs, wishing for something better, but never really feeling that WHOOSH of pure desire that could help drive us toward a new reality. When asked what our heart's desire might be, many people can't come up with an answer.

What's Wrong With Wanting?

Many spiritual paths have taught, and continue to teach, that desire is something to let go of, something to rise above. The paradigm that says "all is one in the universe" would have us believe that desiring something means we are not living a ONE-ness life, that we are believing in lack (we shouldn't desire anything since we already have/are everything) and something called "duality", which is essentially the state of opposites, having and not having, being and not being.

But only a stagnant, non-evolving universe would want to crawl back into a state of total One-ness where there is no desire, no continuing growth, no wanting and achieving and becoming more. There was bliss in the original One-ness, and there is joy in re-uniting with our Divine selves and All That Is, but that RE-union does NOT mean becoming stagnant and without desire. That would be like crawling back into the womb. Nice and warm and cozy, but boring!

What pushes so many people to strive for this kind of stagnant state? Fear. Fear of the unknown, and fear of not being able to get, have or be. This fear has been long in developing and is deeply imprinted on our unconscious. We all carry beliefs that say we cannot have our heart's desire, that we don't have the power to get it, or that God or the Universe withholds from us. We rationalize this by saying our desires are wrong, not in keeping with God's will. We tell ourselves that desire itself is a bad or unevolved thing, that it means being attached to our creations. We tell ourselves that detachment is the truly spiritually evolved state.


Wholeness doesn't mean you stop evolving. And it doesn't mean letting go of everything you want or feel attached to. Wholeness simply means you have ALL of yourself with which to know WHAT you want and what FEELS good and what you might like to create and do and become. Life becomes a joyful evolution into the unknown, led by the light of our DESIRE.

It's In the Body!

The tool of Desire involves body's natural ability to move in powerful ways toward our desire. But the first step is to awaken that desire; to find out what we truly want, what will make us the happiest, and light fires in our hearts.

Ask yourself, "What do I want?"

Are you able to find an answer that brings you joy, excitement, anticipation?

If not, then you can be sure you have blockages in your body. It may be that whenever you desired something, you were punished. Or perhaps letting on that you wanted something meant that it would be taken away. Maybe it's just been too disappointing for you to want and never get what you want, and so you had to shut down the wanting. Whatever the reason, be sure that your desire hasn't gone far away. It lives still, behind doors, in the basement, waiting, a tiny flicker longing for the freedom to burst into a flame. If you give it a way to speak to you, to whisper to you from its hiding places, and deal with the emotions that are blocking it, you will find the way to reconnect to this most powerful part of you.

Once we have found something that we want, then we can begin to strive for it.

When we allow ourselves to want something, and strive for that something, a message is sent along pathways in the body that say, "Yes! Awake!!   I DESERVE! I CAN!" Heart will pump faster, adrenalin will give a little rush, and everything will take on a new shine.

There is joy. Excitement. Anticipation.

You will feel yourself OPENING... opening to receive something good. And this opening is a very important part of the process.

And of course, all the feelings that run contrary to this desire will be stirred to the surface to be healed.

There will be self-hate and self-doubt. There will be discouragement and fear. And then all these feelings can be brought to the light and allowed to express and heal.

The process of creating a new reality - for this healing time - will be a forward-back kind of unfolding. Two steps forward into desire, and one step back to deal with the emotions that come up. Once freed and healed, those emotions can feed your desire. And then you take another two steps forward into desire.

But first body needs to awaken and remember the feeling of powerful desire that can fuel the forward momentum of a very difficult process.

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