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Tool #4: Setting Goals and Striving
(Connected to Weapon 4: Changing Our Decisions)

A vision without a plan is just a dream.
A plan without a vision is just drudgery.
But a vision with a plan can change the world.

The fourth tool is a tool of the spirit or mind in alignment with desire and body. With this tool we begin the process of changing our decisions, which form our actions.

With Tool 3, we worked to clear old beliefs and make room for a new set of beliefs. Now, we fill in the space with new decisions, and new actions. We unfold. We strive. We manifest.

The fact is that we are constantly deciding our life. We may not be consciously aware of making a decision. But making no decision at all is still a decision. In that case we are deciding to abdicate power.

When we abdicate the power to consciously choose our life, we give up this power to the unconscious, to our parents, our church, our country. We allow everybody and everything else to decide our life for us, and yet... it is still our choice.

Reclaiming the power to create our own lives means taking back the decision making process, making it a CONSCIOUS process, one that we participate fully in. We must choose, we must decide our own lives, we must no longer abdicate that power to anyone or anything.

When you start to reclaim the power to direct your life, the pain in your unconscious will rise up. The decisions you have made that arise from unconscious pain will be disturbed, jostled, disrupted. This is a GOOD thing. By reclaiming conscious creative power, we are not saying to override the emotions here. We do not say let go of, or override, or even change. We say: Let these tools work together, to trigger everything hiding in the dark, to bring everything into the light, to heal, accept, allow it to cry, and bring it within your loving acceptance. This is your soul we're talking about here. This is important creative essence. It's not just a bad feeling that needs to be got rid of so you can have a happy life. Without the part of you that feels joy, how much happiness do you think you'll have? This part must be brought up out of the basement and allowed to cry and then it can participate consciously in the decision-making process. And the secret is, the soul is the true creative power that must be acknowledged, healed, and accepted in order for us to be able to truly create a new reality.

   * Read: How the Tools Work Together


Using a single desire as a foundation, set a goal to achieve that desire.

By setting a goal you are
      * Formalizing and reinforcing your intention
      * Making a new decision
      * Giving body involvement with tasks and actions
      * Bringing your new reality into your physical world

If the thing you desire is something huge and hard to define in DO-ability, break it down into smaller goals. Then write out the tasks that body can do, in small achievable increments (so body can have success and feel joy along the difficult path). If the goal or the tasks are too big, break them down smaller.

The important things here are:
  1. The goal is something that you desire, that when you think of wanting it, gives you joy, excitement and anticipation
  2. The goal is something that you can imagine and picture, if not in details, then in feeling.
  3. The tasks body is involved in are achievable, so that there are small successes along the way.
  4. None of this is set in stone. All goals and tasks must be flexible and changeable according to how you feel.
This last is probably the most important thing to remember. This tool does not stand alone. It is part of a process. Goals should change according to how our feelings change. And the process of setting goals and striving for our desire should bring old pain to the surface to be healed. Healed soul essence brings new spark and new life and new desire, from which spring new goals.

   * Read: How the Tools Work Together
   * Download: Simple Steps for Getting What You Want (pdf booklet)

Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living. ~ Anais Nin

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