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How the Tools Work Together

How the Tools Work Together

In the dance of creation, spirit and soul participate together. This is true of the healing process as well.

Mind (spirit) goes first. Mind sets the tone, the intention. The first intention is to include and listen to ALL of the self (Tool 1). Then Mind spearheads the forward movement, by drawing on desire. Mind forms an image of the future (Tool 5). Mind decrees: I will be... I will have... This is my new reality (Tools 3 & 4).

In doing so, Mind sets the stage for things to happen, for the play to begin. Mind decorates the set with color and tone and imagery. With the stage ready, Mind then steps back and lets the "players" enter the stage.

The players are the parts of the self that have something to contribute to the "play". Soul, feeling, desire, heart and body. Some of these parts are living in the present. Some of them are living in a dark and painful past. If allowed to be and express as they need to (Tool 2), these players will evolve and change and shift, and participate in the play more and more in the present. If squashed, demeaned, devalued or rejected, some of these players will leave the stage and refuse to give their contribution. Can you blame them?

During the course of the play, the players may change the stage and settings. They may say to the Stage Manager (Mind), hey, we want to play a different color. Or "we don't like the direction of this setting, let's try something different."

And here we come full circle: As long as the Stage Manager isn't a tyrant, and allows this to happen, the play moves and grows and changes. The Stage Manager listens, makes adjustments and changes. Perhaps new players are attracted, drawn by the vibrant activity, and by the desire to be welcomed back home.

How It Will Feel ...

Let me tell you what will happen from a day to day standpoint when you start to use these tools. Let me tell you how it will feel when you begin to awaken your desire and strive for what you want.

The first thing that will happen is ... anything you have in your subconscious that runs contrary to the desire or goal or state of happiness, will erupt and erect a road block.

Instead of feeling good and excited when working toward a goal, you'll
  • suddenly feel sad and depressed, or angry, or edgy, for no apparent reason
  • find yourself unable to DO any of the tasks you set out
  • conveniently "forget" all about the goal ... and the desire
  • feel discouraged and hopeless
  • suddenly find yourself busy with really important "life" stuff, distracted, buzzing from place to place and task to task
  • picking fights with your loved ones, and afterwards not remembering what the big deal was or why you were so angry
These are just a few ways the backlog in your basement will begin erupting.

The pain and beliefs you hold in your subconscious are the truest truth of your life, truer than anything your consciousness can think or try to believe. The stuff hidden in the basement is what's creating your current reality, that is the bedrock of the belief system that runs your life. Any attempt to move forward into a new life, or striving for a new desire, will trigger all the hidden and buried pain and beliefs that say "I can't" or "I don't deserve XYZ".

At this point, many people stop in frustration. Or they plow ahead with MORE affirmations, and MORE meditations, believing all they have to do is persist in forcing the emotions to "behave". They don't want to really deal with the emotional roadblocks. And understandably so. It's painful! Why would anybody choose pain?

You need to know ahead of time that meeting these roadblocks is part of the process. These tools work hand in hand. We need to know where these hidden pockets of pain are, and how they are working against us, so we can cry the pain and remove the block. There is no way to bypass Tool 2 and be truly successful in creating your desire. You must deal with the past pain.

* Change your behavior, stop the acting out you do in your life, and your real feelings will bubble up.
* Change your decisions by setting goals for a new life, and your pain will come forward.
* Release your old judgments and affirm new beliefs, and your frozen pain will surface.
* Go into your imagination and listen quietly, and parts of you buried and hidden in your unconscious will speak to you.

If you allow the pain to come forward and express, if you can allow it to cry itself fully through, whatever it is, whatever the feelings are, you will heal it.

What happens then?

We not only begin to feel better, but we can actually see things in a new way.

Perception increases.

Desire increases.

We find ourselves realizing creative solutions to problems that we never thought of before, or believed were possible, or felt we could do. Perhaps you will begin to feel new excitement about the possibilities, or feel new desire that you didn't know you had all this time. New vistas will open up. Now you can set new goals.

And as you set those new goals, you will feel where your resistance is, where your old beliefs and feelings are still blocking you. You can let go of the old beliefs and affirm new beliefs, and feel the pain underlying there begin to surface. And then you can cry another layer of the onion of your hidden self, and bring it to healing.

This process is a spiral, a circle. Without the healing of the emotions, the circle is broken.

With old emotions healed, we have more of our soul essence with us, participating with our consciousness in the creative business that is our life.

But don't expect mighty miracles. At first it will feel as if you're just constantly spinning in old pain. Unfortunately, that is a necessary part of the process. YOU CANNOT LIVE FULLY UNTIL YOU HAVE YOUR SELF FULLY WITH YOU. As long as large parts of you are buried and hidden in your unconscious, you won't have your full power to create, love, or find happiness.

The more we feel our desire and strive for what we want, the more we will feel our pain and become aware of what is holding us back.

And the more we heal our old hidden pain, the more we can feel our desire and the more we will be able to create new realities.

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