cyQuest, searching for wholeness
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Personal Sharings

Healing Fragmentation / The Journey Toward Wholeness

Twinkle, twinkle
The FORM of This Healing
(Please Read This First)

Memories, Stories & Expression

I open
I open my arms to you
I open!!

I let you in and me out
I share I share I share!

We have too long gazed skyward,
Branch and branch and twig and leaf...
    severed, reaching upward, competing for the sun
Believing there could be only one, sun-kissed, sun-blessed.
Believing we were not the same.
But when I look down, within, under, below...

  I see you.

Look down and down and down...
to the deep earthy roots where we join and mingle.
We spring from the same essence,
though our bodies may stand now separate and side by side,
we are formed from the same Mother-essence,
and our hearts are still touching where she hides,
deep beneath the grass and crust and bark.

Look deep.
Cry deep.

Branch and branch
and twig and leaf,

feel our hearts
beating together.

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