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The Library - Fiction for the Heart
Stories, Poetry, Prose, & Other Stuff to Read

* The Tallest Blade - Online book, beginning chapters
* The Tallest Blade - Short story. Playing with the perspective of a blade of grass by Mike Kirchoff
* Anita Mabel - Short story. Fictional version of a slice of my grandmother's childhood
* For the Sake of Jake - Short story about a woman and a dog, and the birth of courage.
    * Download as Word doc (94 kb)
    * Download as RTF file (72 kb)
* The Gathering
* The Mother forgives Lucifer in... Lucifer's First Christmas
    * Download in Word Doc format 131kb
    * Download in RTF format 120kb
* Fairy Magic A tale of magic for any age. Short story.
* The Carnival & The Forest - A Sister Saga

Recommended Reading
* Panjoyah Poems - A Collection of Poems, by Panjoyah
* SheBook Poems - A Collection of Poems, by Phee
* And For No Reason - by Hafiz
* You Don't Have To Act Crazy Anymore - by Hafiz
* The Gift - by pct
* Ruby Red - by pct
* The Growth of Rage - by pct
* You Like Me Today - by pct
* Forever - A romantic Heart song by Nathan
* Depth Charge Eyes - by Seamas
* Kali Rising, (My Inner Man's Fear Of My Inner Woman)
* The Mother's Lament - by Yakut
* Looking at Me - by Sumre
* The Little Maybe - by pct
* My Red is Brown - by pct
* The Channel My River Flows - by pct
* Don't tell me what's wrong with me - by pct


Emotional Healing Books
* Right Use of Will:
   ·Metaphysical Bookstore
   ·Kornax Metaphysical Books
   ·Adyar Bookshop - Australia
* The Human Side of Human Beings
* Cure By Crying, Thomas Stone
   ·Alibris Books
* CRYING: The Mystery of Tears, William Frey (Out of Print - Order Used)
Other Healing Books
* The Gift of Fear, by Gavin De Becker
* Remarkable Healingsby Shakuntala Modi
* The Soul of Sex, Thomas Moore

* The Fifth Sacred Thing, Starhawk
* The Mists of Avalon, Marion Zimmer Bradley