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Miscellaneous Musings

* The Path of Tears - Note: This material is now part of Our Pathway Home
     * The 3 Basic Steps
     * Resistance: Why Can't I Cry?
     * Ways to Get to Ignition
     * Lies We Believe About Feelings
     * Healing Rage vs. Acting Out
     * Healing Our Judgments

The Evolving Self
* Ego & Boundaries
* Self-Image - The Painted Mirror
* Personality, Identity, and Fragmentation
* Bringing the Body Home

Dealing With Others
* Saving and Being Saved
* Sharks and Victims - Expression
* Handbook for the Guru WannaBe - Humor
* Channeling About the Internet

The Pattern Pages
* Patterns - What They Are, How They Work
* Victim Patterns
* Power Patterns
* My Fault/Your Fault
* Fear Patterns: Paranoia -- False Consciousness
* Self-Hate Patterns

Other People's Thoughts...
* Sexual Abuse or False Memory - From the Primal Pages
*Dealing With Manipulative People - An Excerpt from the book: In Sheep's Clothing

* The Healing Power of Tears - by Paula Becker
What We're Up Against
*The Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth
*The Original Plan
*The Problem of Spirit Disease
*Rage & Dark Consciousness
*Linear Reality vs. Circular / Spherical Reality
*How to Know What's True?
*Entity Possession / Invasion
*The Dance of Spirit & Soul - The Power to Create Your Reality
*Fragmentation and the Meaning of Parental
*The Web of Lies

From the Archives:
* Problems Facing the Emotional Processor - MB, 1986
* Understanding Who We Are
* Parenting

Healing & Dealing Articles by Panjoyah
*Body: Healing Touch, Breathing and Exercising
*Body: A Great Mixed Drink, Cooling Off Injuries, Sleep Support, Body Sovereignty, Stretching
*Emotions: Emotional Denial and Emotional Expression
*Emotions: Fear "or" Love
*Mind: Proactive Thinking and The Great God of Logic
*Mind: Judgment Release
*Spirit: The Embodied Spirit
*Spirit: Desiring Spirit and Cultivating Faith
*Spirit: Avoiding The Unnecessary Danger of Future Thoughts
*Spirit: Not So Hasty
*Love & Family: Relationships
*Love & Family: Reflections and Personal Responsibility
*Love & Family: Strong Emotions Around Children
*Love & Family: Children Expressing Emotions
*Love & Family: The Art Of Loving Touch

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