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Pathway Home
This section is the heart & soul of the site...

A Message from Your Unconscious
The Secret Battle
Four Weapons
The Tools Intro
Tool #1: Point of Consciousness
Tool #2: The Path of Tears:
  * Three Step Process
  * Lies About Feelings
  * Resistance (Emotional Walls)
  * Techniques to Break Through
  * Lies About Crying
Tool #3: Changing Our Beliefs
  * How Beliefs are Formed
  * The Power of Desire
  * Judgments Release
Tool #4: Making New Decisions
  * The Importance of Now
  * More on Imaging
Tool #5: The Door of Everything
How the Tools Work Together

Supporting Pages:

Healing Rage
Healing Self-Hate
Creating Our Own Reality
Hard Truths
Some Words of Caution

The Pattern Pages:

People, Pain and Patterns
How Patterns Are Formed
How Patterns Work
How Patterns Heal
Clues That a Pattern is Operating
Patterns & Relationships
Patterns & Unloving Light
Types of Patterns
  * Power Patterns
  * Powerless Patterns
  * Need Patterns
  * Guilt and Blame
  * Fear Patterns
  * Judging Patterns
  * Addictions
  * Self-Hate Patterns
Miscellaneous Musings
Various thoughts and helpful information on healing, the self, and the world we live in...

The Self
Ego & Boundaries
Self-Image - The Painted Mirror
Personality - Finding Your Core
Bringing the Body Home

Dealing With Others
Saving and Being Saved
Handbook for the Guru WannaBe - Humor
Channeling About the Internet

What We're Up Against
The Original Plan
The Mythical Kingdoms of Planet Earth
The Problem of Spirit Disease
The Web of Lies
Rage & Dark Consciousness
Linear Reality vs. Circular / Spherical Reality
How to Know What's True?
Entity Possession / Invasion
Fragmentation / Parental

From the Archives (1976 - 1998):
Understanding Who We Are
Are You an Emotional Processor?
Problems Facing the Emotional Processor

Healing Articles by Panjoyah
Healing Touch, Breathing and Exercising
A Great Mixed Drink, Cooling Off Injuries, Sleep Support, Body Sovereignty, Stretching
Emotional Denial and Expression
Fear "or" Love
Proactive Thinking and The Great God of Logic
Judgment Release
The Embodied Spirit
Desiring Spirit and Cultivating Faith
Danger of Future Thoughts
Not So Hasty
Reflections and Personal Responsibility
Strong Emotions Around Children
Children Expressing Emotions
The Art Of Loving Touch
Sharings: (ARCHIVED)
Personal memories and feelings with the goal of healing fragmentation ...

Healing Fragmentation Index
The FORM of This Healing
Prayer For Healing

Contributions by Readers:
The Mother's Lament
Fire Dance
Response to Spirit
Past Life Memory, France, 1700's
Past Life Witch Memory
Looking at Me
Mother to Daughter
For Heart Son I Have Never Gotten to Love
Fantasy Flashback
The Issue of Trust
The Body's Prayer

Motherhome - C's Memories and Parts

Poetry, Stories, Recommended Reading

Short Stories Online:
The Tallest Blade
Anita Mabel
For the Sake of Jake
Fairy Magic
The Carnival & The Forest
The Gathering
Lucifer's 1st Christmas (Word) 131kb
Lucifer's 1st Christmas (RTF) 120kb

Prose / Poetry:
Panjoyah Poems
  * Menu
  * Dark & Stormy Night
  * Queen Of The Rainbow
  * A Purple Fantasy
  * The Search for my Rage at Mother
  * To the Dying One
  * What If
  * The Crying Ones
  * Fountain of You
  * Ode to Boston
  * Media Games
  * Pot Of Rainbow Colors
  * It Was Twenty Years Ago Today (Dec 8, 2000)
  * Coming Up
  * My Need (To The Cave Pictures)
  * Slavery
  * Ode To My Body
  * Hell Comes Home To Roost
  * Signs of a New Spring
  * Mercury
  * PheeTree
  * Ode To Blue
  * Soul of a Boot
  * Who, Me?
  * fffffFast
  * I Overate
  * Habitfree New Year!!!
  * Thanksgiving (Let's Cry)
  * The Dark Before Dawn

SheBook Poems by Phee
  * Poems
  * Letting Go
  * Lovers In The Night
  * Spiders In The Night
  * As Fast As I Can
  * A Tale To Make You Come Alive
  * The End Of The Beginning
  * Garden Of Delight
  * Je T'Adore
  * Two In One, One In Two
  * Stand By Me

Poems by C
  * The Gift
  * The Growth of Rage
  * You Like Me Today
  * The Little Maybe
  * My Red is Brown
  * A Shred of Red
  * Tell Me Who I Am
  * The Channel My River Flows

Other Contributors:
  * Forever - by Nathan
  * Depth Charge Eyes - by Seamas
  * Kali Rising, (My Inner Man's Fear Of My Inner Woman) - Anon
  * The Mother's Lament - by Yakut
  * Looking at Me - by Sumre
Art Gallery:
Non-verbal expression.

  * Behind the Serenity
  * Grief & Pain
  * Lost
  * Mother & Heart
  * Mother of Everything
  * Trapped

Phoenix Wolf Ray:
  * A Secret
  * Dragon's Glory
  * Eagle Eye
  * The Woman in the Egg
  * Fat Naked Woman Dancing
  * Forest Fae
  * Mary Fairy
  * Old Woman
  * Scared But Ready
  * Stone Mother
  * Strength & Shine
  * Cliffman
  * Moon Mother
  * Smokebath
  * Scared But Ready 2

  * Containment Seal
  * Cosmic Form
  * Denied Rage
  * Drowning
  * Fey Motif
  * Mandala
  * Michael's Enlightenment
  * Scream
  * I'm a Big Girl

  * Blue Moon
  * Job's Tears
  * Letters to Myself
  * Sadness Moving
  * What are you worth?

  * Orange Birthing Red
  * Amazon
  * Despair
  * The Dolphin's Promise
  * Dream Fairy
  * Fairies for Isobel
  * Blue Fairy's Magic Touch
  * The Moon and Maya
  * Indigo Mother / Moon Woman
  * Sophia's Gift
  * Pearls
  * A Pretty Dream
  * Dreams of Youth
  * Listening to the Light
  * DarkDeath
  * GreenWoman
  * Terrorage
  * The Mother's Heart I
  * The Mother's Heart II
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